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Atacama Clay studio is an intimate pottery studio housed and shared space with Hudson Barks.  We are in Jersey City - The Heights.


Our studio philosophy centers around the creative process -Pure joy of creating clay pieces at your own pace.  We are not equipped nor encourage mass production or large scale pieces.

We are a community based studio. Our services include the bringing together of community members who accept the company of others while navigating the creative process and sharing of space, tools and some conversation.


We welcome you to join our community where each person is inspired and empowered to explore and learn.

Services include, wheel throwing, hand-building, glaze workshops. Individually, as a format group class or creating your own group/party.

Tea, coffee, light snacks free (when supplies last)

We offer services to adults over 18years of age.


Choose Clay!



The Studio

We shared space with Hudson Barks yet distinct space dedicated  to Atacama Clay Studio, housing a new kiln. We offer up to 4 person per sessions each with a brand-new wheel. An extruder for coils or cup handles or to use as you like for exploration.

Prep and glazing station, dipping studio glazes and under glazes. We offer tools for throwing and trimming, and varied tools for texturing.

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