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Cancellation Policy

We do not offer cancelations, refunds, or transfers once the class starts, equal to the first day of scheduled class/session. If you would like to cancel a group class/service, it must be at minimum 7 days before the start of the first class /service and there will be a 10% fee to issue the refund. We do not offer transfers to other services.

We hold the right to reschedule classes/services due to studio emergencies or due to weather as informed by NJ authorities as these apply to schools or government agencies. In COVID cases, we require proof dated and contact information.

In COVID cases, we require proof result dated and contact information.

Thank you for your understanding.

Photo/video Release
We take photos here, and we post them online for promotional purposes (without identifying information). If we take a photo of you and you don't want us to use it, just politely let us know.​

Thank you for your understanding.


Studio Time Policy

Open to 4 session wheel throwing students only for the duration of the class. In 3-hour duration per open studio day for 3-day options. 2 week days and i weekend options. An on-site instructor may be present to offer direction should you need or want, yet studio time is designed for you to work independently at your own pace. No guest entry, only students. Thank you for your understanding.


Firing Policy

For 2-hour wheel throwing session turnaround time is 3–4 weeks or as indicated by the instructor and based on volume. We will contact you as soon as your pieces are ready to be picked up. A duration of 7 days to pick up your pieces.

For all  multi-week courses approximately 10–12 days from the time you place a piece onto the shelf to be bisque-fired or glaze-fired. Due to the volume of work that we handle and the limited capacity of our small team, we cannot track individual pieces or email you when your pieces are ready. Please note that not everything you make may be fired together, even if you placed them on the bisque and glaze shelves at the same time.

Once classes start the instructor will offer sound estimation for firing of pieces and timeline for pick-up of final work is 7 days from final firing. Thank you for your understanding.


Cleaning/up-keep of studio Policy

Simply, the studio is maintained tidy and clean. Leave no trace behind ! is our motto. For safety and health reasons, all clay dust must be wet sponged. We ask all students to leave the wheel, tables, tools  or other as found. The instructor will include a tutorial for cleaning during first day of class and will expect clean up at end of each classes and during open studio as well. This included the sink use for proper use of water to ensure pipes are as free of clay as we can. We thank you in advance for your understanding!

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